Digital Recording Studio

Our purpose built digital recording studio (The Point) has a proven track record of recording music, voice-overs and with various audio post production tasks such as video and TV soundtracks as well as radio programme production. And the engineers really know their stuff as well. The recording area has been specially designed for recording small ensembles and 'voice overs'.

Of course technology is useless without the human element. Our producers have many years experience in the diverse aspects of the audio production business from 'simple' voice overs to digital audio production for computer based multimedia. We can also provide a wide range of creative services; from putting together professional song demos to providing a finished video soundtrack.

Production Services include...

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Audio-post production for video
  • Voice over
  • Multimedia audio
  • Short run CD Duplication
  • Audio trouble-shooting and problem solving
  • Composition
  • Record Production
  • Soundtrack compilation

Past Clients have included

Yamaha - Korg - Rediffusion - Miracle - Lion TV - Network Technology Limited - Galaxi TV - 33 Records - Priestest Records - AK Music - Blackbird TV - MIX Magazine - Koch Media - folkWISE Performers Network Limited - BritFolk Radio - NCHFM Radio - ITV2 - RTE - Local Music TV - Hobgoblin Records - Blackbird - AK Music - Koch Media

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