Web Design

We have created a number of content rich media websites for various clients. As the sites are coded directly in Hyper-Text Markup Language (or HTML) they are compact, fast to load and are low bandwidth. Like multimedia, development of World Wide Web (WWW) pages is a multi-disciplinary art and usually brings together many strands of creative output into a single cohesive production. We have plenty of experience in combining various types of media for web presentation purposes.

HTML can also be used for Intranet applications where the web is entirely local to an organisation (accessed via a LAN) and thus having enhanced performance. Not only does HTML define a platform independent format for presenting a variety of media types, but it gives the opportunity for 'hot' links into the World Wide Web on machines which are aready 'wired' to the Internet.


We have produced Multimedia titles for both stand-alone and installable applications. The presentations can be highly interactive and have 'attact sequences'. We have the factilities for mastering both audio and video data files and a great deal of experience with dealing with multi-format source material as well as the technical wherewithall to produce the final product in a format appropriate for mastering. Previous work has been major companies like Korg and Yamaha as well as smaller customers.


  • Korg (Audio Gallery - retail support).
  • Yamaha (Hello! Music! - retail support).
  • Software Craftsmen (Alert! - interactive demonstrator).
  • FORD/UEFA Partnership Interactive User Manual.
  • Understanding & Solutions Web site and Report Delivery System.
  • Studio Audio & Video Limited - SADiE Online Help and Manual.
  • Reddifusion Commander VR System (Audio Design).
  • ITL Memophone Voice Messaging System (VMS).
  • C-Thru Music Software design.