Mobile Recording

Recording in the Real-World

There is nothing quite like a live performance, the "smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd" (or visa versa!).

We can capture the performance with our advanced 24 track digital recording system and then do the post production back in our studio to give the polish of a studio session to the vitality of a live performance.

We can either work with your live PA system and sound engineer or even organise the sound and lights system for the whole show.

....and all at a reasonable price, because when you know what you're doing then the rest comes easy!!!!

Why use us?

Because we have high standards and low prices. We have our own studios and can do everything 'in house', and since we're out of the 'big smoke' so you're not paying London rents. Therefore we are able to negotiate a price with you, to suit the needs of your project - - no matter how large or small.